Missions coupled with evangelism is Eastside's heartbeat!  We desire to exemplify and share the love of Jesus with anyone and everyone whether they are across the street or across the globe.  Our LIFE Fund is entirely dedicated to missional and evangelistic purposes.  

"L"ocal missions.  Local missions is our starting point as Jesus commanded His disciples to focus first on those around them; their Jerusalem.  We financially support numerous local and regional ministries and participate in missional  and evangelistic work in and around our community.

"I"nternational missions.  We believe missions and evangelism reach well beyond our own four walls as Jesus said go to the ends of the earth.  We financially support numerous international ministries and are currently working in the Dominican Republic. 

"F"ishing opportunities.  Jesus commissioned His followers to be fishers of men, and we consistently offer our people opportunties to invite others to special events, dinners, and concerts where Jesus will be exalted and the gospel shared.

"E"ternal impact.  Everything we do is with the purpose of glorifying God and making an impact for His kingdom by sharing Jesus with others, discipling them, and sending them out to do the same.