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We’ve not taken this matter lightly. After considerable prayer, research and discussion, the Pastoral and Lay Leadership of Eastside has determined to offer a full range of electronic giving opportunities while continuing to accept tithes and offerings by way of the envelope system (cash or check) during, before, and after services, etc.

Practicing good stewardship of our whole life, including our finances, is a foundational discipline to be developed by every follower of Jesus Christ. The Bible teaches that a tithe (the first 10% of our income) is the baseline for offerings that are to be given to God, through the church, to advance His kingdom’s work, to develop the generous heart of God in us, and to help us escape the bondage of greed that blocks God’s work in us.
The Bible does not identify a single method of giving to be held as sacred or important to God.  In fact the Bible consistently teaches God cares about our obedience and motive, not form or ritual.

Throughout church history, offerings have been given in a variety of forms. From Bible days to just a few hundred years ago, livestock and crops were as likely to be given as gold or silver or other currency. In relatively recent history writing bank drafts or “checks” became a primary way for consumers pay for things and the church reluctantly began accepting them as offerings as well.

A large and growing number of people today do not use checks and carry very little cash. Instead they use electronic methods like online payment services and bank cards. Studies show that the typical young adult today seldom writes a check but 90% of adults under 35 use a debit card.

The church has an obligation to teach and to make available practical ways for individuals to practice financial stewardship as a part of their regular worship and discipleship.  Making provisions for electronic giving is simply one of those practical ways the church can help people today give tithes and offerings.

A NOTE about Credit Cards: The convenience of paying electronically using a credit card has made an abundance of “easy credit” available. The Bible warns of the dangers of accumulating debt. A PERSON SHOULD NEVER ADD TO THEIR CREDIT CARD DEBT WITH TITHES AND OFFERINGS! The only time using a credit card is appropriate for giving an offering is when the balance on that card is paid in full every month. Debit cards are more appropriate and Eastside officially discourages use of credit cards for tithes and offerings.